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    Twilight Imperium

    für 3 - 6 Spieler
    ab 14 Jahren
    Spielzeit: 3-4 Stunden

    An Epic Board Game of Galactic Conquest, Politics and Trade

    Fantasy Flight Games

    Pax Magnificia Bellum Gloriosum
    The Dawn of a New Age
    It has been more than three millennia since the ancient galactic empire crumbled and the Twilight Wars erupted. After a period of devasting conflict, the great races retreated into remote and safe areas of space. Now, at the brink of a new era, the great races are moving towards the heart of the galaxy once more. The ancient Galactic Council on the central planet Mecatol Rex is regaining its influence, but the balance of power is becoming increasingly fragile...

    The Twilight Imperium boardgame allows players to take control of a powerful galactic civilisation and guide their race to supremacy. Only by employing clever political negotiation, opening interstellar trade agreements, and waging merciless war will a player find the path to the imperial throne and victory.
    With its unique tile-based game board, vast number of exciting player options, and hundreds of cards, Twilight Imperium provides a unique game experience every time it is played. Detailed plastic pieces, high-quality components, and clever game design make Twilight Imperium the definitive space-conquest, empire-building boardgame.

    Over 300 plastic units: 6 frames of highly detailed plastic components in 6 colors, each frame contains the following: 5 Dreadnoughts, 4 Carriers, 8 Cruisers, 8 Destroyers, 2 War Suns

    Twilight Imperium 3rd. Edition
    69,95 €

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