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    für 2-6 Spieler
    ab 10 Jahren

    Save the world ... or just conquer it.

    Eagle Games

    Take command!
    of your Nation's Army, Navy, and Economy as you attempt to becomne the most powerful nation in the world.

    Attack! is a new, easy-to-learn and expandable game system:
    • The basic game contains rules and components that allow players to play a simple, fast-paced game of world conquest.
    • The expansion (sold separateley) adds a new map segment (Asia and Pacific), naval pieces, more cards, and advanced rules that allow the players to graduate to deeper, richer gaming experiance.
    Attack! features:
    • Over 600 detailed plastic miniature pieces representing World War II units (infantry, tanks, air, artillery).
    • All 4 unit types have unique strengths and abilities.
    • Extra large map board (61 x 76 cm) painted by Paul Niemeyer.
    • Exciting World War II backdrop.
    • 1-4 hours playing time

    Attack! von Eagle Games
    A Game of World Conquest.
    29,95 €

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