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    The American Civil War

    für 2-4 Spieler

    An Epic Game of Grand Strategy

    Eagle Games

    North or South?
    The American Civil War is a game of grand strategy and tactical battles during the epic struggle that divided the United States. The players take control of the war effort of the North as they attempt to save the Union, or the South as they attempt to gain independ-ence for the Confederacy. They can lead armies into battle, build their navy, emancipate the slaves, enact conscription, or attempt to influence European involvement in the struggle to tip the balance. Refight the war, and change the course of history.

    Game Features:
    384 Detailed Plastic Miniature Pieces
    A gigantic (117 x 91 cm) gameboard representing the Union, Confederacy the border states, and parts of the Mexico and Canada at the time of the Civil War
    3 sets of rules from Basic to Advanced
    The basic rules allow the players to dive right in and start playing.
    Advanced rules allow a more detailed and historically accurate simulation of the conflict.

    The American Civil War
    56,95 €

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