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Axis & Allies:
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    Axis & Allies Pacific

    für 2-4 Spieler
    ab 12 Jahren

    Hasbro / Avalon Hill

    From Pearl Harbor to Victory
    December 7, 1941
    Japan is about to launch the most infamous pre-emptive strikes in military history. Their target, the American Pacific fleet moored in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. In the weeks to come, other battles will add to the sting of allied defeats - Hong Kong, Malaya, the Philippines, Java.
    Axis and Allies Pacific invites you and your opponents to determine the future of the Pacific! How will the Americans counterattack after Japan's initial onslaught? Will Japan suceed in gaining the rich resources of the East Indies? Can these be held long enough for the Allies to grow weary of the war? How will British forces fare in the embattled jungles of Burma? You will decide.
    Naval strategy, as well as prudent economic moves, is critical in building and sustaining your naval forces. Warships, transports, ground forces and air power will all be needed if you are to control the Pacific. Good Luck. The fate of the world is in your hands!

    Axis & Allies Pacific ist ein eigenständiges Spiel mit eigenem Spielfeld, Figuren, etc. Es beinhaltet den Konfilkt der drei Großmächte Japan, Amerika und England von 1941-45 im pazifischen Raum. Neben den bekannten Einheiten aus A&A werden Zerstörer, Artillerie und ausschließlich für Amerika, Marines neu eingeführt, die Forschung wurde gestrichen.

    Axis & Allies Pacific
    52,95 €

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