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Axis & Allies:
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    Axis & Allies Europe

    für 2-4 Spieler
    ab 12 Jahren

    Hasbro / Avalon Hill

    The Game of Military Strategy, Courage and Cunning
    It is the spring of 1941. Germany is about to launch an all-out suprprise attack on the Soviet Union. The Axis powers have overrun most of Europe. Great Britain's meager resources must pass through wolf packs of German submarines that prowl the seas. And the United States is unprepared for war.
    Axis and Allies Europe invites you and your opponents to determine the future of the continent, and the world! The European Theater of World War II remains the same, but you control the events. Anything can happen.
    If the Allies can transform their peacetime industries into fine-tuned war machines, Germany can be stopped. On the other hand, if Germany manages to destroy the Soviet Army before this force comes to bear, the Axis powers may win the war. But this battle isn't just about armaments.
    As a world leader, you must initiate masterful military maneuvers, conjure up clever economic strategies, and play power politics to lead your nation to victory. Good luck. The fate of the world is in your hands.

    Axis & Allies Europe ist ein eigenständiges Spiel mit eigenem Spielfeld, Figuren, etc. Es behandelt den zweiten Weltkrieg in Europa ab 1941, dargestellt durch die vier Großmächte Deutschland, England, Russland und Amerika. Neben den bekannten Einheiten aus A&A werden Zerstörer und Artillerie neu eingeführt, die Forschung wurde gestrichen.

    Axis & Allies Europe
    52,95 €

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